Collins & Co Crushes It at Pizza Express!

The FT’s Mike Hobart writes, “This sparkling launch of Quentin Collins’ album Road Warrior delivered the twisty narrative themes, harmonic subtleties and focused solos of small-group modern jazz with a rhythmic drive that was compelling.”

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Jazz in Europe Selects Leo Richardson's 'Move' as Best of Summer Releases !

Erminia Yardley writes, “It is a definitive 5 stars mark for “Move” from me!”

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We come to the most recent release, on the 9th August: “Move” (Ubuntu Music) is the new album by the Leo Richardson Quartet. Richardson returns after the huge success of his debut album “The Chase”, this time with the talents of Rick Simpson on piano, Tim Thornton on bass and Ed Richardson on drums featuring also Alex Garnett as a special guest on tenor sax. Ubuntu Music has now released both Richardson’s albums and has steadily become a label with a huge amount of talent under one roof! So with “Move”, Richardson et al steer onto an even faster journey, there is still the big hard bop element, but the composition has evolved even more and it is better, we only have to listen to the title track, for example, there are stunning layers of innovation there.

I also love “Martini Shuffle” with its exuberant vibe reminds of Soho in the ‘50s every single time I listen to it. Whilst “Peace” is melodious and perfectly slows down to a lower gear. It is a definitive 5 stars mark for “Move” from me!

As you reach the end of this article, you will by now, realize the enormous mélange of diversity and creative talents that all this music represents. The beauty and challenge for a writer like me is just this: to find these creations and make them visible to the whole world. I loved writing about these artists and I feel privileged to be able to be given access to their music well before anyone else can. It is exciting and magical at the same time.

On the inner sleeve of Leo Richardson’s album, there is a quote from another one of my heroes which really says it all…

“Music washes away the dust of everyday life” – Art Blakey

Quentin Collins Sextet / 'Road Warrior' Rave Review!

Bebop Spoken Here’s Lance Liddle writes, “They don't come any better than this! It's Jazz Messenger territory but these jazz posties aren't walkin' the streets they're running, they're flying - this isn't snail mail it's superfast broadband and what a band!”

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Quentin Collins: New Sextet Album, 'Road Warrior', and Tour

Quentin Collins releases a new album, Road Warrior, on Friday 13 September. It’s an album that reflects on the trumpeter’s 25 years playing jazz and celebrates all the musicians out there who try to maintain some sort of normality while doing a job they might love but which doesn’t make normality easy. Rob Adams spoke to him:

For the full article, please click on the image, above.

For the full article, please click on the image, above.