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Andrew McCormack and Martin Hummel; Graviton Premiere; Kings Place /Hall 1

Andrew McCormack and Martin Hummel; Graviton Premiere; Kings Place /Hall 1

It’s all about one thing...the talent, the talent, the talent.

If you have a really strong track record in the communications and consulting businesses, chances are that you can take these inherent skills and apply these in areas that can most likely benefit from this expertise.

 Make no mistake about it...we have a passion beyond words for music--particularly contemporary jazz music--and the logical extension of harnessing these skills and applying the this knowledge is in assisting immensely talented artists in the positioning, the communication, and the engagement with their audience prospects.

Importantly, we provide the management infrastructure to allow talented people to concentrate on what they should be doing...composing, rehearsing and delivering brilliant music.

We are blessed with the opportunity to represent a gifted jazz pianist, Andrew McCormack, as his management. Andrew is a unique talent with an enviable future ahead of him.

We signed the new and very exciting Noemi Nuti, jazz/Latin vocalist and harpist, as a member of the Ubuntu Talent family.

And Quentin Collins, an immensely gifted trumpet/flugelhorn player, came on board to join the roster.

Moyses Dos Santos, Brazilian electric bass sensation, said yes.

Camilla George, an immensely gifted alto sax player, is a wonderful addition to the family.

Sax titan Leo Richardson has recently joined up.

The wonderful harpist, Alina Bzhezhinska, is with us.

And the extraordinary Mark Kavuma rounds out this breath-taking roster of talent.

We are exceptionally proud to represent these artists.

More announcements are on the way. However, please note that we are as selective with our artists as they are with their music.

Here's a sample of the primary artists who are managed by Ubuntu Talent