Around the LJF World in +10 Days—Gonzo Journalism from a Diehard Jazz Fan

UMG's Martin Hummel gives his personal impressions from this year's London Jazz Festival

Preface: This pastiche is decidedly biased, as it is written by someone in the business—as a manager, record label owner, agent and talent spotter—whose love for jazz exceeds all in his life, other than his love for his family. I’ve chosen to highlight my relationships with each artist/band, along with a sound bite performance rating, to protect the innocent. Otherwise, I’ll simply take the 5th Amendment.

Thursday, 9th November

Marius Neset Quintet

Ronnie Scott’s (Sold Out)

Why not start the festival a day early, with the incomparable sax man Marius Neset’s Quintet. When you have a line-up including Jim Hart on vibes, Michael Janisch on bass and Anton Eger on drums, the party has officially started in my book. Neset covered his latest release, Chimes, and left the audience breathless.

Relationship: Yes

Performance: Spellbinding