Around the LJF World in +10 Days —Gonzo Journalism from a Diehard Jazz Fan

Preface: This pastiche is decidedly biased, as it is written by someone in the business—as a manager, record label owner, agent and talent spotter—whose love for jazz exceeds all in his life, other than his love for his family. I’ve chosen to highlight my relationships with each artist/band, along with a sound bite performance rating, to protect the innocent. Otherwise, I’ll simply take the 5th Amendment.

Thursday, 15th November

Dee Dee Bridgewater & Camilla George Quartet

Cadogan Hall (Full)

Rising star Camilla George (alto sax) delivered an immensely entertaining opening set, with new compositions and songs form Isang, her debut album. Backed by a stellar band, (Sarah Tandy/piano, Daniel Casimir/bass, Winston Clifford/drums), Camilla’s another one to watch in 2018.

Dee Dee Bridgewater took over and never stopped. Inspired by her Memphis roots, she R&B’d her way through the best of the 1960s. Masterful stuff.

Had to leave this one a bit early to make my way down the Kings Road, for the second half of a performance.

Relationship: Yes (Camilla George)

Performance: Heavenly